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Colonoscopy. Upper endoscopy.

Endoscopy Procedures

We perform upper endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures at our new endoscopy unit. These procedures are recommended for routine screening and to prevent cancer by removing small nodules (polyps) before they cause problems. They may also be done for diagnosis of certain conditions when symptoms are present. Symptoms like persistent abdominal pain, bloody stool or weight loss should be taken seriously and evaluated appropriately.

Our spacious and fully equipped endoscopy theatre and recovery rooms (pictured) were designed with your safety and comfort in mind.

We offer the same level of expertise and facilities as you would find anywhere in the world.

Many insurance companies have partnered with us to bring this service to you so most likely your visit and procedure will be covered. These procedures are usually covered in your in-patient plan.

Without endless queues and being moved from place to place, your visit will be pleasant.

We also do ERCP, oesophageal stenting and other procedures in nearby hospitals.

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